« The story begins in 1920 when Edmond, my great-grandfather, opens one of the first optical stores in Marseille named Optique PONTET. As a passionate craftsman, he passes on his know-how to his son, Jean-André, who himself passes it on to my father Philippe. In our store, you could feel the intimacy of a family atmosphere: we warmly greeted each other, took the time to talk, and this, for more than 100 years.

During family meals, this was all we talked about. In our house, a pair of glasses was always laying somewhere, whether it was on the lunch table or on the kitchen counter, the object was omnipresent. I can still picture myself playing with my grandfather’s glasses while my grandmother was telling me the story of each single pair he owned, they were always related to travels, dinners and beautiful encounters…

Pursuing my father’s work was self-evident to me. This time, it is goes further than selling glasses, it is also about designing them. Behind the creation of each pair of glasses, there is a tribute to my family, the fulfillment of a desire for the imagination and the urge to travel the world.

Hermès, my first name, has always had a great influence on my life and on my desire to discover the world. In Greek mythology, Hermès is the herald of the gods. He crossed the four corners of the Mediterranean to protect and guide travelers and traders.
My thirst for traveling and embracing the world keeps on growing, I therefore decided to bring each collection to life like a travel to the ancient cities of the Mediterranean. This will allow me to revisit them and tell you their story. »

Hermès Pontet